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Potential Income Through Writing

In our last post we talked how we discovered we needed to do some things differently as a couple in order to start building tangible wealth. As writers, we decided to make this one of our income producing avenues. Although, writing can seem like a long process when you think about the steps that are needed to get to the finished product. It is worth the wait. In this blog we want to provide you with a few suggestions that may assist you in just getting started. What do I do first? If you believe you have something to share with the world through literature (i.e. books, e-books, magazine, etc.) start by writing down your first thoughts on a particular topic. Think about what you want to expr

Choosing To Build Wealth As A Couple Through Discovering and Creating Multiple Streams of Income

This 2020 year unfortunately ushered in a great amount of pain, sadness, possible stress, and uncertainty for many people around this nation and the world. As you know, many individuals have been forced to think about how they are going to survive due to the economic shift and demise of many companies. This bacterial warfare has wreaked havoc on families in a variety of ways. Since the beginning of this epidemic, we have continued to encourage married couples. We have stressed that it is truly a time to take introspection and think about what can be changed or reinvented in order to place ourselves in a better position emotionally, physically, and financially. In particular, for years we ha


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