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Marriage: What A Beautiful Union

Hello Engaged and Married Couples:

Traditional marriage is a beautiful relationship between a man and a woman. Choosing to live with that special someone for the rest of your life is a great commitment. That is why it is important to choose carefully in the beginning. Marriage should not be done out of convenience or be based on your physically attraction alone. Learning how to live with someone will require both individuals to be humble, caring, compassionate, and patient. When it is done correctly both individuals can benefit in a variety of ways. Darryl and I are so grateful for God bringing us together. Our 18 years together have been mixed with ups and downs, joys and sorrows, but we made it through and are closer than ever. Making it through the ebbs and flows of marriage life was only possible because of our trust in God and our commitment to each other.

We want to encourage you to remember your commitment when times become challenging. Understand that there will be times when you may disagreement, but always focus on finding a solution together. Remember you are as one so what affects the one will affect the other.

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