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Choosing To Build Wealth As A Couple Through Discovering and Creating Multiple Streams of Income

This 2020 year unfortunately ushered in a great amount of pain, sadness, possible stress, and uncertainty for many people around this nation and the world. As you know, many individuals have been forced to think about how they are going to survive due to the economic shift and demise of many companies. This bacterial warfare has wreaked havoc on families in a variety of ways. Since the beginning of this epidemic, we have continued to encourage married couples. We have stressed that it is truly a time to take introspection and think about what can be changed or reinvented in order to place ourselves in a better position emotionally, physically, and financially. In particular, for years we have been pursuing ways to create many avenues of financial freedom in order to secure our future. In this season we have chosen to truly evaluate and dig deeper by researching, studying, and applying strategies that can assist us with creating generational wealth.

To get the ball rolling, we came up with some ideas on how to move forward. Here are some of the things we started to do.

  • We took a look at what was working for us and what was not working. If something was working we decided to enhance it by performing up-to-date research on it and incorporating that information going forward. If something wasn't working we decided to release it from our project list.

  • We decided to focus on what we do well as a means to establishing new wealth. Although we knew whatever we decided would take time, we were determined to intentionally try and pursue it anyway. We started by thinking about our individual abilities and talents to determine how to expand. For example, as a writer, I looked at my unfinished work and focused on completing what had been on hold, prepared it for release, and started a marketing campaign. To date that decision has produced two books that are listed on Amazon. One book is for adults and one for children. The Mr. is a licensed insurance agent, so he decided to put intentional effort toward building his own agency. He is currently studying and building the proper structure to launch that venture. Together, we completed an e-book based out of our need on figuring out how to navigate through this self-quarantine year. The e-book is entitled “Tips for Parents, Grandparents, or Guardians On How to Navigate Through The 2020 Self-Quarantine and Beyond”. We also decided it was a good time to start a podcast to address issues related to marriage. This is also a potential stream of income.

  • We also decided to start looking at new ventures that are suited for us. After research we determined that should include concepts, such as e-commerce, affiliate marketing opportunities, and investing. Although we invested in traditional products in the past, this year we looked at using different methods. We knew upfront that in order to build streams of income in these categories, it would require us to be consistent in order to see results. We decided we were up for the challenge because we believe it is worth pursuing.

These are just a few of the things we discovered during this 2020 year. We are writing this blog hoping it will encourage you to not give up in this seemingly challenging climate. One thing we realized after twenty (20) plus years of marriage, is that difficulties can produce great strength. We believe that part of gaining strength in difficulty will also require taking introspection, assessing, researching, and executing new strategies to get new results for the next season. Therefore, we hope you will consider using some of the suggestions we have mentioned. If you do, let us know about any results you experience.

Finally, this year has shown us that we cannot do things the way we did in prior years. We must embrace the new normal for life or take a chance on being left behind. Consider joining us on this new terrain.

Team Baker

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