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Potential Income Through Writing

In our last post we talked how we discovered we needed to do some things differently as a couple in order to start building tangible wealth. As writers, we decided to make this one of our income producing avenues. Although, writing can seem like a long process when you think about the steps that are needed to get to the finished product. It is worth the wait. In this blog we want to provide you with a few suggestions that may assist you in just getting started.

What do I do first?

  • If you believe you have something to share with the world through literature (i.e. books, e-books, magazine, etc.) start by writing down your first thoughts on a particular topic. Think about what you want to express to others? How will it help others improve or redirect their lives?

  • As you are writing decide if you want it to be a full-fledge book, article, or e-book. For example, if you believe it should be a paperback book, think about a potential title for the book and chapter titles. Part of the process will require you to have a cover designed, some illustrations, and eventually apply for a copyright (for additional information on the steps to getting copyrighted, watch for future posts), just to name a few items.

  • If you think that your ideas should be put in an e-book. You will still need to think about a title for your e-book. If you pursue an e-book, you will probably only need one or two chapters because this type of book is a shortened version of a full book. Also, e-books need to be attractive in order to draw the attention of potential readers. There are a variety of programs that are available to assist you with the construction of an e-book. Make sure you do your due diligence when choosing a program.

We are going to stop with those two suggestions just to get you started. Watch out for Part Two of creating wealth through writing. Consider taking the journey.


Team Baker

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