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Maintaining a loving environment is important to the longevity of any marriage. It takes work to determine how to build a strong marriage; but it is well worth the effort. Taking time to create a memorable dining experience could assist in keeping the vitality in your marriage. If you are looking for a simple way to add a little pizzazz to your dining experience, consider purchasing a "Tablescape for Two." This Tablescape for Two is called Romantic Red.


Romantic Red Tablescape for two includes:


+One red table runner

+Two red charger

+Two red plates

+Two white/red flower salad plates

+Two white/red flower bowls

+Two coffee cups

+Two red napkins

+Two silver napkin rings (may vary)

+Two wine glasses

+Two juice glasses

+Picture frame (may vary)

+One candle holder (may vary)

+Two salad forks, two dinner forks, two teaspoons, two knives

Romantic Red, - Tablescapes by D&C (Discount shipping)

  • Thank you for you order. We endeavor to provide you with a quality product. Therefore, we hope you will enjoy this set. Due to the type of product and the climate we are in, we are unable to accept returns on this item. If you have any questions about your product purchase, please let us know via email so that we can address your concerns. Again, D&C thanks you for supporting our business.


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