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Marriage Counseling Training  (Train the Trainer)

Effective training is necessary to develop and launch leaders in any industry. Training is also necessary in a church setting, especially if you are providing marriage ministry counseling services to your parishioners.  The Bakers have created a Marriage Ministry Counseling Manual for your members you have identified as potential marriage ministry counselors. This manual provides step-by-step processes for couples who want to assist other couples in your local church.

During this current climate, The Bakers are available to virtually train your upcoming leaders in the art of marriage ministry counseling. Online training will be available until further notice. This non-licensure program will prepare couples you have identified to provide practical strategies to others and show them how to overcome difficulties and enrich their marriages from a biblical standard. 

Prepare future leaders today to be equipped to provide effective strategies to the engaged and married couples in your church. Contact The Bakers at for more information.


The Bakers Interview on WATC TV, Channel 57

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