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Marriage Guidance

There may be times when you as a couple may hit a snag in the road and are not sure how to resolve it.  We are available to assist you in getting reconnected.  If you need an impartial third party perspective contact us for more information.

Marriage Refreshers

We created Marriage Refreshers as way for couples to get a one-day get-away.  During the Refreshers, couples will learn techniques that can be a proponent in helping to improve their communication and enjoy a day of spa-like activities.

Bride and Groom Walking Away
Lover's Embrace

Learning To Enrich Your Marriage

One Day At A Time

Marriage Symposium

During the course of a year we believe it is important for couples to take a few days to recharge and connect with other couples. During our annual symposiums couples will have the opportunity to hear from experienced speakers, receive one-on-one guidance, and enjoy a red carpet event.  Our hope is that after the long weekend couples will be rejuvenated and ready to face marriage with a renewed attitude.

Couple at the Beach

We believe that traditional marriage is a special covenant relationship.  We believe that the bond shown between a man and a woman can positively affect communities, cities, and the nation. Our goal is to provide couples with tools that can assist with enriching their marriage.  

Engaged Couple






                         MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT
                       "Helping Couples To Enrich
                Their Marriage One Day At A Time."

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our e-book
"Tips For Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians To Use During The 2020 Quarantine and Beyond


A Bit About Us

We are Darryl and Charlotte Baker. We have been married for 21 plus years.  Several years ago after viewing and hearing the stories of couples who were struggling in their relationships; we developed a passion to assist traditional marriages. We started developing and offering strategies geared toward helping couples to fortify their relationships.  We have been working with and encouraging married couples for many years one-on-one, through social media, training classes, and Podcasts. We offer ideas to assist couples in focusing on ways to enrich their relationships.  We  believe it is our mandate to do whatever we can to provide couples with tools that can assist them in enjoying their covenant relationship consistently even through difficult times.  We believe that when married couples understand the true purpose for marriage; their relationship can grow by leaps and bounds through anything.


Join the Marriage Enrichment Revolution!

Contact us today and get connected.  Let us provide you with tools that can assist you in enriching your marriage.

(678) 685-1009

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