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Last Week In March

Hello Married Couples:

Where has the time gone? It is the last Monday in the month of March 2019. Although some things have not gone as we originally planned, we are excited about what will be happening during the rest of the year. Are you still excited about the potential happenings for 2019? Have you and your spouse decided how to expand as a couple for the rest of 2019? What are going to do to make a difference? How will your marriage impact others? What are you going to do to build a stronger marriage? We encourage you to be intentional. Don't settle for mediocrity. Mediocrity will only take you so far. Mediocrity will not set you apart from others. Mediocrity will produce the same results.

Also, discover and implement new ways to express a more intense love, deeper appreciation, intentional respect, and a new found admiration for your spouse. Make sure you are continuing to listen to each other. Go ahead take 2019 by storm and don't stop until you accomplish every goal you projected for the end of this year. Fulfillment, purposes, destiny are within your reach, so don't stop hoping, believing, and moving in the direction of progression. Again, don't settle, be a phenomenal couple!


The Bakers

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Twitter: Marriage Enrichment, The Bakers@destinyarrived

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