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Getting Through This Season

The year 2020 will definitely be a year to remember. Everything changed in what seemed a moment. Our nation and our world will never be the same. Is that a good thing? Some people may say it is not, but we want to look at it from another viewpoint.

Change is inevitable, right? Everyday, we are all changing physically and mentally. This is something that we have no control over. This is something that our family thinks about every year as a new year rolls in. We definitely thought about it in this 2020 year as the unexpected occurred, the virus. As couples, I believe it is time to take introspection not just about our lives, but about our relationships (i.e. family, friends). In particular, think about your marriage. We have a few questions that we hope will assist you in taking a quick assessment.

During this season, have either of you identified any type of dysfunction in your relationship that you didn't notice before? If yes, have you decided to work toward solutions? With everything that is happening around the world, did you decide to let go of insignificant issues, forgive, and focus on what is really important? Seasons like this can not only disrupt our relationships, but can cause us to loose focus because of new possible life pressures (i.e. one income, no income) Have you and your spouse talked about how to work through it? These are just a few questions to think about.

We encourage you to REFOCUS, RESET and find out why you are together. What can you accomplish together, even in this season, that can make a difference in someone else's life? Remember even in the midst of adversity; ideas, plans and setting goals can still be accomplished. Don't wait for things to get better. Use what you have to expand your borders together.

As always, if you are in need of relationship assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us at to find out more information about our online services.

Darryl and Charlotte Baker

D&C Marriage Enrichment, Inc.

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